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June 2017 Domagick Day 24

At the beginning of this week, I decided to remove the disk dedicated to Ipos from my key ring. I had enchanted it to heighten my ability to relax but felt increasingly sluggish as the month progressed, like I needed caffeine to get going in the morning again. I wanted to make sure the disk wasn’t the cause.

After five days without carrying it, I don’t think that is the case. If anything, I’m somewhat under the weather. My partner caught his cold from me, and the doctor recently said that my ears are still full of fluid. By taking decent notes and tracking how I feel in relation to the magickal work I’m doing, I can tell that things will right themselves soon enough. I have to be patient in the meantime—something that isn’t easy for me.

Perhaps that is why I feel like I haven’t made much progress this week, even though I have narrowed my computer search down. My partner has already purchased his camera too, which allows me to test his model out in advance. I jumped through several school-related hoops this week as well. That said, I have no definite answers about funding yet so I estimate I’ve gotten nothing done. It’s unlikely that I will hear anything before the middle of July, so I must accept this current pace.

I prayed to Ipos after I put his disk back on my key ring this morning. I asked that I see the grace in the day around me, and that I naturally find moments of relaxation in the days ahead. Afterward, I spent about ten minutes running energy through the disk.

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