Negative Lenormand Cards

Domagick Sept 04 2017

Today’s prayers and offering to the Nine were peaceful. It is the last day before my partner goes to school, so I enjoyed the quiet. I think it may be the last peace I get today. The Daemonic Divine gave me a warning in the cards.

The Scythe – danger, rupture, severance, sudden accident, a sudden cutting, clearing, division, harvest

The Snake – someone who means harm, betrayal, a liar, a competitor, devious, deception, manipulation, jealousy, sudden, stealth, vice, temptation

The Clouds – transition, change, confusion and trouble, unclear, lack of foresight, doubt, shielding, hiding, emotional weather

$%#@! Danger and lies. Someone is trying to snowball me. Disruption caused by a manipulator who means to cause uncertainty and doubt.

Serpent symbolism in other divination systems can be quite positive, referring to the healing and regenerative processes of a snake shedding its skin. In the Lenormand, however, the Snake is an entirely negative card and represents a person meaning to do harm to the querent. Other negative cards include the Clouds, the Snake, the Coffin, the Scythe, the Whip, the Fox, the Mountain, the Mice, and the Cross.  I pulled three of those! It look like today is going to be a doozy, doesn’t it? Since a bad card is a bad card in Lenormand, I’m on high alert now. With a friend drawing the Snake in her own readings too, I know shit is going down somewhere.

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