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Near and Far Lenormand

I stayed with personalized prayers to the nine Daemonic Divinities today. Yesterday proved long and tiring, and I expect the rest of the weekend to be the same. The extra quiet time this morning helped immensely, and allowed me to focus on what I needed to do whether I looked forward to it or not. As for today’s cards, I accidentally pulled two extra and had to employ Near and Far Lenormand reading to make sense of them.

The Lady – the querent if female, otherwise a woman, female energy, a women’s business, girlfriend, lover, partner

The Dog – loyalty, close friends and companions, codependence

The Snake – someone who means harm, betrayal, a liar, a competitor, devious, deception, manipulation, jealousy, sudden, stealth, vice, temptation

The Garden – community, gathering, people, public interest, outdoors, countryside

The Stars – inspiration, vision, guidance, mind, destiny, healing, improvement, harmony

As I understand the Near and Far Lenormand method, cards that are closer to the querent’s significator have more effect, those farther away less. So far during the Domagick challenge, the Lady card has represented me despite the difference in our gender. That would make it my significator.

Here, the Snake who has been plaguing me all week is now further away from me, with their efforts blocked by a loyal friend (the Dog). The Snake continues to ply their trade in the Garden, however—a sadly predictable result. Snakes in Lenormand are always bad news. Hopefully those led on by the serpent’s manipulation will figure out that the Stars used dazzle others can sometimes be made out of nothing but glitter and cardboard. Using the Near and Far Lenormand method lets me know I’m not swindled.  I can see that the Stars’ “vision and guidance” will have little effect on me. At least not today.

I have a good deal scheduled for the rest of this weekend. Although I’ll be praying and making offerings to the Nine as planned, may not be able to post about my readings until Monday depending on my Internet connection. To make up for that I scheduled reviews of two Lenormand resources in advance. Just in case, enjoy!

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