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Month of Spreads Lenormand Challenge

Month of Spreads Day 1 & 2

I blog inconsistently. I post whenever the Domagick Challenge is running but tend to fall silent each time it finishes. My writing gears up again with research posts for the next one. I want to break this habit, yet a good deal of my daily practice feels too personal to share. It’s still a hard balance to maintain.

Luckily, until I find some to some solution on the problem, Invoking Belial pointed me at a challenge for this month that is right up my alley: a Month of Spreads. I’ll post my responses here using Lenormand, along with what I’m doing for the Death Daemonic every day… as long as it is too personal, that is.

I found out about the Month of Spreads too late in the day to do much about it yesterday, so here are two posts for the price.

Month of Spreads Oct 1 – Past Present Future

I chose the House card as my Significator  because I’ve been reading a lot of haunted House books lately. No other reason. When I shuffled the deck, these are the cards that came out :

Message from my past self – the Tower –  business, firm, institution, policy, convention, tradition – not the same as the Tarot tower at all!

Message from my present self – the Bear – strength, power, force, benefits, capital, affluence, also grandmothers but mine are deceased.

Message From My Future Self – the Gentleman – proactivity, manliness, malehood, in this case possibly myself, though this is not the speaking card I typically use for myself.

I believe this reading is all about money, and and my move towards self employment. The Gentleman card can point to the month of July, time-wise, or a male love interest. This is when my partner will graduate from school, and when our finances will change again.

Read as a Lenormand sentence, this is “Strong business activates.” Good! I worked hard today. I even updated my listing of available readings.

Month of Spreads Oct 2 – Tell Me Something Good

The Lenormand card I drew for this prompt was the Cross. Readers often see the Cross as a negative card but it always makes me smile. That might be ironic from a Daemonolater! This card can mean a burden, or “the cross you have to bear.” It can also refer to clergy members and matters of faith. As someone studying for the priesthood, I’m interpreting it to mean I’m on the right path with my work!

Death Daemonic Card for Meditation / Reflection: NehebkauAs I wrote elsewhere today, Daemonolaters who prefer the Canaanite and Kemetic pantheons are not unheard of, and seeing an Egyptian deity mentioned among our Death Daemonic is proof of that. Nehebkau guards the entrance to Duat, the underworld. He is thought to bind together two parts of the spirit, the Ba (soul) and the Ka (vital spark), that they might continue on together after death. Considering a project I am contemplating, it seems divine providence that I looked him up.

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