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Month with Amducius

Domagick Meditative Acts Day 01

Today I sat with my patron Amducius for thirty minutes. I had to do so later in the day than I originally intended. My partner came home from the hospital this afternoon, so the majority of the day revolved around making sure he was all right.

amducius demons daemon demonolatry domagick meditativeacts sigil
This is the sigil of the demon Amducius from the Ars Goetia. He name can also be spelled Amdusias, Amduscias, Amdukias, etc.

I had some time focusing at first. My mind was still elsewhere, and the noise from the room next to mine wasn’t helping. I considered asking them to turn off the TV, but decided to try be in the moment anyway, exactly as it was. I sat with the noise, sensing where I was in relation to it, and simply felt it in my body rather than focusing on the past or future.

My level of anxiety had backed of significantly a few minutes later. I felt calm and more centered, able to not only hear my own thoughts at last. I could finally tune into Amducius too, and we started our conversation from there.

I said I would close with something that I am grateful for today. I am drawing my primary inspiration from the challenge linked below, which I snagged from a friend ages ago. I am grateful for the scent of mint, in all its many varieties. I’ve been using it in dream” recipes lately, and I adore the smell of it in its raw form, especially when fresh.


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