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Shake Your Money Maker!

Today’s Month of Spreads prompt was called the Money Maker. To read this spread:

  1. Shuffle your deck until you feel you are satisfied.
  2. Turn it face up and look for the card that best represents money. In Lenormand, this is the Fish.
  3. The card to the left represents where your money problems reside.
  4. The card to the right represents how your money problems can be solved.
  5. Remove these three cards from the deck and shuffle the remaining cards until you again feel satisfied.
  6. Flip over the top card. This is where you can start making money.

In After shuffling my Lenormand deck, I pulled the following cards for the Money maker spread:

Where My Money Problems Reside – The Birds – discussion, chatter, nervousness, anxiety, opinions of others, gossip, disquiet, busyness, one project after another

How My Money Problems Can Be Solved – The Child – listening to my inner child, new ideas, exploring new avenues, wonder, being a student, a rookie, a minor, purchasing nothing that is for a project

Where Can Start Making Money – The Coffin – This card can mean bankruptcy and misfortune, that obviously doesn’t make any sense here. It can also mean death, illness, need for healing, ghosts, undertakers, someone from your past, closing something off, a box, a container. Since I’m a writer who explores these topics, this isn’t out of line. It could also mean that I need to bring a project to a close.

Triplet of Fish + Birds + Child = “Money is stressful and makes me feel small.” Yes, I do feel discussions about money are stressful, and they do bring up issues for my childhood.

Triplet of Birds + Child + Coffin = “Vulnerable talks end.” Does this mean I don’t like dealing with money because it makes me feel vulnerable? Yet from vulnerability arises true art… Hmmm.

Pair of Fish + Coffin = “Money from the end of something.” Possibly from an illness or an inheritance, but more likely from the end of a project. Strangely enough, the book that is plagued me for years is about an inheritance.

So what’s my money maker? Death!


“Beleth” by William Briar. Original stock photography by Martin Lindeblad Jørgensen. Model Maria Amanda.

Death Daemonic Card for Meditation and Contemplation – Beleth – Beleth is unique among the Death Daemonic in that she represents Thanateros, the combined forces of love and death. In addition to being able to helping practitioners reach their loved ones beyond the veil, it is said that she causes love in both men in women until the magician’s desire is fulfilled. But desire for what exactly?

While the Ars Goetia clearly implies sexual release on the magician’s part, or perhaps emotional fulfilment, it is not specific on this point. Apt magicians with wicked minds might contact Beleth for cursing and execration magick, including the creation of vampiric servitors.

Although Beleth appeared to me as a daemoness, the divine is fluid. According to the both the Ars Goetia and Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, Beleth appears a great and terrible king, riding on pale horse. In some versions of the Goetia, Beleth is also considered one of the four Great Kings. I have experimented constructing circle inviting Beleth as one of the elemental daemons with immense success, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the beginner. Get to know the basics first.

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