The Beauty In Mistakes

Domagick Day 7

I finally got to remake the enchanted disks for my back-to-school Domagick project last night. This meant starting my June work all over, but I’d decided the wooden ones I’d made first were too heavy for my key chain; I was willing to learn from my mistake if could find lighter materials. I purchased new key tags made of cardstock circles stabilized with outer rings of aluminum. Besides being lighter and cheaper, they take calligraphy ink better too. I drew the sigils of Vapula, Ipos, and Purson on three different key tags last night. In every case, my second try turned out better than the first.  I’m glad I made another attempt at them.

Thankfully, I only spent a minor amount of time on paperwork today. I expect I will be back to the practical aspect of my back-to-school enchantment project tomorrow. Be that as it may, today I was able to spend the majority of my free time on actual enchantment instead.

I meditated and spoke to the spirits in question, telling them what I needed each disk to do for me. At the same time, I ran energy through the disks themselves. The whole thing took about forty minutes. I’ll continue to charge them actively with ritual/meditation whenever my schedule allows, plus carry them on my key ring whenever I am walking to pick up a passive charge.

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