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Mindfulness: Just One Breath #domagick day 04

I’ve struggled with my Loving Kindness meditations over the last couple days. Today, I took previous card readings to heart and concentrated on staying in the present moment. Regardless of how my day had went up until then, I could concentrate on loving kindness for just one breath. And another. And another. Eventually my mindfulness training took over, and the meditation became easier.

domagick meditation chakras mindfulness divination tarot demons asafeotida
Incense offering left in a new brass burner for Asafoetida today.

After my body scan, I went straight into a set of breathing postures meant to open each of the chakras in succession. I found them incredibly effective when combined with visualization. They were all spinning and flowing well, right down to my root chakra. When I am home alone this week, I will use sound as well. There are sounds associated with all the chakras. For example, the sound associated with the root chakra is LAM.

When I asked the cards what I could do to strengthen or nourish my root chakra, I turned over the GOSSIP card in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle. I wish this card had been labeled UNIQUE instead, because that is what it is truly about. We can lose out when we judge rather than value people based on their differences. This card cautions against this. Other key concepts are lack of appreciation, support for my vision, and refocusing my life. This might seem only tangentially related to concepts like safety and security, but realistically my entire last  My entire last week at work has been about setting the stage for future community growth. It’s a balance.



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