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#Tarot #MajorArcana Study – Week Two #decembermajors

This week, I worked my way from the Lovers through to Justice of the Major Arcana. I used the same technique I did the last time around. Nothing varied in that respect. However, I did miss my target and end up studying my last card of the week, Justice, a day late.

I found it harder to connect with the Major Arcana this week simply due to life events outside my studies. My meditations just weren’t as deep due to how distracted I was. The exception to this was the time I spent with in the Hermit’s cave. He appeared to me in the form of an old friend, which made his archetype and lessons engaging no matter how scattered I felt. Strangely enough, when I stopped to reflect on this today, and pondered what the week ahead might bring, the card that I turned over for guidance was once again the Hermit. He’s also come up frequently in my one-card draws this week, so perhaps I am needing some time to myself after all the stress. That or I need to buckle down and study!

Here are my individual entries on the cards:

VI – The Lovers
VII – The Chariot
VIII – Strength
IX – The Hermit
X – Wheel of Fortune
XI – Justice

As mentioned before, this challenge was inspired by 3AM.Tarot on Instagram.

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