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Making Sigils with Magick Squares

Way back in February, 2017, I posted my first how-to on constructing and launching sigils. That one used the freestyle method. Here is another technique for creating sigils using a magick square or kamea.

A magickal square is a grid of numbers where the sum of every row and column is the same. That’s what makes it magick! The simplest magickal square that you will find is one containing the numbers 1 through 9.

magicksquare kamea

Making a sigil on a magickal square relies on numerology. There are many types of numerology, but I will stick to the western or Pythagorean type because it is the easiest to understand. (For a different example, see the numerology section in The Daemonolater’s Guide to Daemonic Magick.) In western numerology, all of the letters in the alphabet have a value of 1 to 9. Here is an example.

western numerology sigils kamea magicksquare
Courtesy of Hans Decoz and

From there, you can figure out what letter would go on each square and start to spell words with them by connecting the letters.

sigil magicksqiare kamea sigils

There are many ways to spell a word on a magick square. Say you want to spell the name William.

Method one: Draw a circle on the letter W where you start, then draw a line to each of the other letters. You make a loop on the L’s because there are two of them and a line on the M because that is where you end.

sigils kamea numerology magicksquare
Method two: Take all the vowels out of the word WILLIAM. That leaves you with WLLM. Now remove out any repeating letters, which leaves you with WLM. Draw the sigil on the square using the same method as above. As you will see, this results in a much more simplistic shape. I would have to decide between the two which is right for the work I was doing. However, the second method can prove useful when you are turning a long phrase into a sigil.

kamea magicksquare sigils numerology

From here, you can spell out any word or phrase you like. Another wrinkle of numerology is that your word or phrase will reduce down to a single number. For example, if you add the letters remaining in the  last sigil (W + L + M), you end up with the corresponding numbers of 5 + 3 + 4. That equals 12. You further break down 12 into 1 + 2, which equals 3. That means that William has been reduced to a 3. If you research deeper into western or Pythagorean numerology, you will see that the number three symbolizes “self-expression, imagination, and joy.” Again, I would have to decide if I had gotten the sigil’s meaning to correspond with the work I am doing! But you want to know a secret? Many magicians do not worry about sigils at this level. They simply make something that “feels” right and stick with that.

That said, you can take your magickal squares to the next level by including planetary correspondences in your work. The most simple of magickal squares, the three by three grid shown here, is also known as the magickal square or kamea of Saturn. There are magickal squares which correspond to all of the seven classical planets, the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. After researching these planets and how they influence us energetically, you may decide that it would be best to draw your sigil on another of the more complex squares. This can require a different type of numerology.

I have frequently used the kamea of Jupiter while creating sigils this June Domagick because it served my purposes best — but the numerology I used drew on the numbering the sixteen letters of the Younger Futhark! I was spelling with an entirely different, condensed alphabet. When it comes to sigils, feel free to experiment. Go with the flow and let the magick take you some where new and powerful.

Ave! May July treat you well!

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