Photograph of a candle taken as part of the Wordpress #developingyoureye challenge.

Come Into the Light #domagick


I continued today with the five warrior syllables but did not feel any tingling in my third eye. This might have been because I vibrated the syllables in front of my partner, which made me feel somewhat self-conscious. He didn’t care what I was doing, yet I remained aware someone else was in the room who wasn’t taking part in my spiritual practice. This continues to be a problem with having downsized our apartment; we pay less rent, but I also have far less space within which to work. So far, I can’t see any way around it except moving my practice from place to place so I can be alone. With my fibromyalgia, I find this sometimes tires me out so much that I then don’t want to practice magick at all. I know I will find a solution, but one just hasn’t come to me yet.

Last night, I knew it was time to turn to a different set of cards after working with the Thoth deck for a little while. The Thoth deck is beautiful and inspires me to question myself, but I find its answers slippery at best. I wanted more direct guidance and turned to my Druid Animal Oracle first. Again, the cards felt vague compared to what I was used to, and I wasn’t sure why. When I picked up my Fallen Angel Oracle this afternoon, the reason immediately became clear. Daemons are fucking blunt. They do not beat around the bush—at least not when communicating with me through this deck.

I asked Salleos if this challenge was having a positive effect on me and was moving me towards where I want to be in life. I turned over the Marbas card in response. This card could mean that healing is forthcoming or that the truth will soon become clear. Both of those things would be quite nice, I admit, but I think it is more likely that this card indicates I need to take a step back and look at the situation from afar. In other words, I won’t know the shape of things until the challenge is over.

The creature that I encountered during today's shadow-work was covered with slime from head to toe. #domagick
The creature that I encountered during today’s shadow-work was covered with slime from head to toe.

Besides this, I went on another journey to attempt to see the coyote again. This time it wasn’t a coyote that emerged from the shadows, however, but a creature I can scarcely describe. Every inch of her dripped with slime. She looked like a mushroom found growing in a lightless cave, and she hissed and flailed when I tried to bring her into the sun. I found it difficult not to feel revolted. I have no idea if it is the same being that I encountered the day before or a different one. Coyotes are notorious tricksters, after all. I attempted to draw some of my interaction with her for today’s art, listening to my shadow work soundtrack while I did so.

I also took a photograph for the WordPress #developingyoureye challenge, as per usual. The one at the top of this entry is from yesterday’s challenge, with the one below being from today.

A pair of wings that hang over my fireplace in honor of Lucifer. #domagick
A pair of wings that hang over my fireplace in honor of Lucifer.

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