Lenormand Level 2

Domagick Sept 12 2017

I kept my morning routine low-key today. Yesterday was physically taxing, and I needed a slow, quiet wake-up with the Daemonic Divinities. I tried to take my daily reading to the next level, however, and added the playing card inserts featured on the Lenormand into my interpretation. A recent entry by S Connolly inspired me to give it a try. I already know the Terrell well and understand the connections between suits and those of the modern playing cards, which help significantly:

Hearts – Cups
Diamonds – Pentacles
Clubs – Wands
Spades – Swords

From there, I simply needed to remember the meaning of each corresponding tarot card. [While I realize that reading normal playing cards is an art unto itself, I haven’t mastered it yet.] This led me to the phone associations between the Lenormand cards and their matching playing card inserts.

Kitty says, “This reading is the shits!”

The Ship – adventure, long distance travel, transport, navigation, far away, far-seeing, foreign, yearning, wishes

10 of Swords – An inevitable and, but is no loss or learning opportunity? Power beyond your control bring something to an end. You are taking a hit whether you like it or not.

What These Two Have in Common – swept up in currents beyond your control, a pull towards something

The Clouds– transition, change, confusion and trouble, unclear, lack of foresight, doubt, shielding, hiding, emotional weather

King of Wands – the vision to change the world, creativity, fire

What These Two Have in Common – both have to do to change; one wants to change the world, while the other can see the change coming

The Bear – strength, power, the boss, an influential person, possessive, protecting, overwhelming, grandmother

10 of Wands – burden, responsibility, hard work

What These Two Have in Common – the responsibility side of work rather than gives you the responsibility; the overwhelming aspect of employment

When I read the Lenormand and the playing card inserts together, I see in the inevitable hold towards change I find overwhelming, probably in the sphere of my career. I seeing this not only from the individual cards and their meanings, but the fact two 10s bookend the reading (completion, the end of a cycle, new beginnings). This isn’t very surprising. My office is only half unpacked, and I still need to purchase new furniture for it. I have to get that done before I can do anything else. Considering I couldn’t even post the additional images I wanted with the entry because of my current setup, it looks like I better hustle my buns. It’s time to get back to work.


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