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Lenormand Reading Styles

Domagick Sept 16 2017

My cat decided to spend time with the nine Daemonic Divinities this morning too. He was fascinated with my prayer cord. I admit I’m rather fascinated with it too. My handling it has darkened the knots. The subtle changes even a couple weeks can make, I suppose.

I am beginning to understand just how much reading the Lenormand comes down to style, even when only looking at three cards at a time. You can read a triplet like a typical past, present, and future tarot spread. If we look at today’s cards as an example…

The Birds – mass communications, gossip, rumor, discussions, talk, conversation, phone call, anxiety, disquiet, busyness

The Anchor – secure, stable, lasting, persevering, standing still, reliable, serious, hard-working, unchanging, keeping

The Ring – commits, contracts, unites, binds, agrees, obligates, marries, continues, encloses, encircles, includes, promises, connects

This triplet could be read as “Discussions lead to hard work and commitment.”

Yet you can also read these three cards as a Lenormand sentence with a noun, adjective, and verb. Sentences ordered like this might sound awkward to the English ear, but Lenormand favors French grammar. In French, “the red fox jumps” becomes “le renard rouge saute.” Note the rearrangement.

I’ve adapted the keywords in the list above to work better with this structure. Taking a second look at them, these cards could also be read as “Serious discussions unite or connect.” Now there’s a different sort of commitment being made. Rather two parties are being brought together.

At the end of the day I’ll have to note which was the more accurate!

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