June Domagick Day 2

My Domagick activities today were light on the magick and heavy on the do.

I charged my Vapula talisman as planned with an hour long walk in the middle of the day. Honestly, my knees needed it too. The weather here shifted towards rain last night, and every bit of me aches.

Mental pursuits ate up the rest of my day. I dealt with the family budget and paid bills, answered messages from Pre-Initiate students on the Temple of Atem forums, and then finished my monthly Goetia notes.

There wasn’t much else I could do, school-wise. Student loan forms aren’t available yet, and there isn’t any other paperwork I need to complete at the moment. I suspect all of that will drop next week. This is the relative calm before the storm, where I can gear up my Back to School enchantment slowly.

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