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June 2018 #Domagick Summary

Happy July! All in all, I had a successful and productive June. Once again, the Domagick challenge reminded me to be specific when crafting my magick. Sigils with vague statements of will behind them weren’t nearly as effective for me as ones where I literally spelled out exactly how I wanted my will to manifest. This makes sense, of course, but isn’t as easy to do as it sounds. Sigils created by spelling out statements of will on a magickal square can be hard to focus on, if not down right ugly. I prefer a certain simplicity in the symbols I use and producing this can sometimes seem near impossible if the statement behind them is too complicated. When that happens, I often switch the freeform method of creating my sigils. Switching back and forth was definitely necessary this month to produce the enchantments I wanted day to day.

For those that weren’t following me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr while this site was down, here is a summary of all my Domagick posts for June:

Research Post – My original intentions for the month.

Day 1 – Sigil #1 to battle social anxiety online.

Day 2 – Sigil #2 to battle social anxiety online.

Day 3 – Sigil #3 to battle social anxiety online.

Day 4 – Sigil #4 to battle social anxiety online.

Day 5 – Sigil #5 to battle social anxiety online.

Day 6 – Sigil #6 to battle social anxiety online.

Day 7 – Sigil to help a familiar.

Day 8 – Anti-anxiety sigil.

Day 9 – Personal healing sigil.

Day 10 – Personal healing sigil.

Day 11 – Sigil to spread the word.

Day 12 – Sigil for all voices to be heard equally.

Day 13 – Sigil for a friend’s familiar / necromantic work.

Day 14 – Sigil to help a familiar.

Day 15 – Sigil to find inspiration in a movie.

Day 16 – Reiki symbols as sigils.

Day 17 – Sigil for healing for self, family, and friends.

Day 18 – Sigil to deal with social anxiety at work.

Day 19 – Sigil for clear communication.

Day 20 – Sigil to deflect negativity.

Day 21 – Sigil for Flereous.

Day 22 – Sigil for healing for a family member.

Day 23 –Sigil for personal healing.

Day 24 – Sigils created with bindrunes.

Day 25 – Energy raising sigil.

Day 26 – Sigil created with rune for Odin.

Day 27 – Sigil for prosperity.

Day 28 – Sigil to help a loved one with their career.

Day 29 – Reiki symbol used like sigil for distance healing.

Day 30 – Reminder in form of sigil to never give up.

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