June #Domagick Cleansing Challenge

I’ve taken a significant amount of time off from posting here or on social media. This was partly due to some changes in my schedule which occurred without much notice – all good things, but they still arrived with little warning nonetheless. In the midst of these changes, I came to the end of several projects as well, and needed time to myself to ponder what I wanted to do next.

The goal of the May / June Domagick challenge is to ascend our limitations, alchemize our blocks and cleanse ourselves so we can have a fresh start. I plan to focus on what may seem like practical, perhaps even non-magickal techniques to cleanse myself this month: baths and vegetarian diet. My personal goal is to increase my overall stamina and lower my weight.

I’ve used magickal baths for years as way to cleanse myself physically and mentally of grime and negativity. I have researched a vegetarian diet off and on for some time, but first looked into my city’s restaurant and grocery store options in May when vegan family members came to visit. It was at the tail end of their visit that I began to eat a vegetarian diet. I have maintained it for nine days as of June 7, although I will consider this Day 1 of the challenge. So far I can say that I am feeling lighter, but I have only lost a few ounces of weight.

I am doing this challenge completely for myself, with no worries about “winning.” Therefore, I will only post updates on Fridays, once a week, rather than every day as typically required by the rules. Baths and meals are a little private, anyway! Other than my struggles with making both of these things happen, there won’t be much I can share.

Wish me luck!

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