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Jumper Cards – What to Do With Extras

Domagick Sept 02

I remade and consecrated a Cord of Nine. This one uses a deerskin lacing and a pendant my son made me a couple years ago. This time around, it can double as a pendulum both for divination and shamanic diagnosis. I like it quite a bit. My prayer and offering with it this morning went smoothly.

Today’s Lenormand reading feels like a warning.

The Fox – cunning, trickery, lies, discretion, vigilance, outsmarting, the good and bad side of intelligence

The Key – solutions, access, discovery, revelations, breakthroughs, certainty

The Clouds – transition, change, confusion and trouble, unclear, lack of foresight, doubt, shielding, hiding, emotional weather

The Snake – someone who means harm, betrayal, a liar, a competitor, devious, deception, manipulation, jealousy, sudden, stealth, vice, temptation

To me, these cards read together as: “A cunning person purposely gives you information that leaves you confused.”

I only meant to draw three cards but The Clouds and the Snake fell out together. In Tarot, I see “jumper cards” as additional information particularly if any part of the reading is unclear. For example, the Fox card can refer to both the good and bad side of intelligence—to either cleverness or cunning depending on the situation. The Clouds might also indicate uncertainty when it comes to a someone’s motive, but the Snake card says they are up to no good. I’m going to an outdoor market today. I best be skeptical of the sale pitches I hear.

Yesterday’s reading came to pass as expected. I ran errands all day until I tired myself out. The only woman that the Lady card could have meant was the sales clerk who helped me find The Yoga Deck by Karen Miller. Now that I have it, I can follow S. Connolly’s Domagick Daemonic Yoga challenge a little easier. I’m not promising to do yoga every day in September, but I have enjoyed in the past and want to slowly add it back into my practice again. Hopefully, I will have time later this month once I read over the poses.

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  1. I am learning a lot by following your Lenormand readings. I sometimes think it helps the learning along not only by doing, but by watching someone else do it, too, for the added perspective. So thanks so much for sharing these!

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