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A Joyful Open Mind #Domagick Day 06

After meditation and a body scan, I continued work on my sacral chakra today. It’s still spinning well, but I’m glad I’m keeping a better watch on them. It might be a hold over from surgery, or simply having a desk job, but I’ve noticed some tend to slow and wobble more as the week progresses. That’s the whole point behind my more intense tuneups on the weekends. Appointments and work this week are a nightmare, so I know I’ll need it.

Today’s chakra prompt for the day was “trust more in…” I accidentally pulled two cards, DESPONDENCE and IMPARTIALITY. I decided to read the key concepts behind these cards together, rather like I would a Lenormand pair. That would mean I should trust more in a “joyful, open mind.” I could look at the brighter side of things more often! HA!

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