Ipos: Switching Gears

Domagick Day 3

Due to the scope of what I want to accomplish with my back to school enchantment project, I’m extending my Domagick challenge work until the end of July. I likely won’t post daily after the first month, since my rhythm will hopefully have made itself apparent by then, but I will still post updates.

Either way, planning out my magickal schedule in advance has a couple of advantages. First, it lets me switch things up a bit so I don’t get bored. Second, it lets me get a little fancy. For example, instead of working with Vapula intensely for seven days only, she’ll be part of my daily practice for two months. On the other hand, Ipos and I will be keeping quite different hours.

One of the words that jumped out at me when I was researching the demon Ipos for the Domagick challenge was grace. I realized I could connect with her energy by quieting my mind and simply observe the world around me. Oh no! For a little while, I’d have to stop working and pay attention to life outside the office!

I’m a worry-wort and a perfectionist, so incorporating relaxation into my life isn’t easy for me. I know it will become even more difficult when I start school, so I am going to try and make it a habit now by actually scheduling time off until the end of July. I will work with Ipos on weekends during this time by not practicing any magick but mindfulness meditation and prayer. I’ll spend the majority of those days enjoying my time with my family.

And so that’s what I’m off to do now!

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