October Domagick 2018 – 30 Days of Invocation

Earlier in the week, I stopped on the way to school to gaze up at the harvest moon. Huge and full, it floated effortlessly across a still dark sky. It was a beautiful but bittersweet sight, somewhat like catching a quick glimpse of a treasured friend I might not see again for a while. My studies have kept me so busy that I’ve often felt like I’ve barely had time to eat and sleep. I’ve managed to keep up my rune work (very barely), but my attempts at meditation have been scattered at best. It’s been a humbling experience.

I’ve been asked many times in the past how I manage to find the time to do magick every day. I’ve always answered the same way before now: magick is important to me, so I make time for it rather than find time for it. This is definitely harder now that I am no longer my sole boss. I’ve always had to answer to the needs of my family, but previous to this I was just self-employed. Now I have to meet my teachers’ deadlines as well as my own, and that makes fitting magick into my schedule much more difficult. I realize now the luxury of time I had before and appreciate my spare moments all the more.
I also realize that having less time means doing less, whether I like it or not. At least for me, it does. I will have to put some of my more complicated magickal ideas on the back-burner if I am to get through the busy nine months ahead. Instead, I will have to focus on the true bones of my practice–the foundation that must remain in place–when I can’t do as much. For the DoMagick challenge in October, I am going back to basics and will simply invoke my patron, Amducius, daily and sit in his presence. It may not be exciting for my readers, but this work has consistently and regularly produced the results I have wanted before, i.e. connected me with Spirit and improved my life. With things as chaotic as they are right now, simply completing the challenge is all I can really aim for at the moment.
I am not going to lock myself into a specific style of invocation, as they will vary depending on where I am when reaching out to him. I will undoubtedly have to do this on the go as well as incorporate my artistic schooling into it, and that means I have to keep my options open and think on my feet.
Good luck to all participating!

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