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Intuitive Reading and Hades

While I intended to get to my Month of Spreads reading done earlier today, writing took over my morning and afternoon. But that’s okay! Today’s intuitive reading prompt suggested that we pick one word out of a list and see what the cards suggested on that topic. After getting stuck on a specific idea I’m working on, I chose the word “blockage.” I shuffled my Lenormand deck and drew three cards. They were:

Day Four – Intuitive Reading

The Rider – news, a message, an invitation, a visitor, a delivery, a parcel

The Letter – recorded, written, advertising, email, listings

The Lily – brings peace, protects, calms, possibly mentors?

I read this triplet as “an email message brings peace.” It can also be read as “an advertising message mentors.” A flyer did come in the mail today about courses available at my local college, but that wouldn’t exactly help me write my way out of the corner today. None of them particularly interested me or applied. Here’s hoping that I’ll read something helpful in my inbox!

Death demonic card for meditation and contemplation –  Hades, Lord of the dead. Whenever I have seen Hades invoked in a group setting, I have always been intensely uncomfortable with the lack of respect shown. No one reverted their eyes either out of fear or simple tradition. Moreover, few seem to understand who the priest embodied. The inappropriate and immature chattering and giggling that always occurred during such events deeply saddened me.

Of note about yesterday’s mention of Hecate: Quite by coincidence yesterday, I ended up researching the word heka as well. It is defined by the ancient Egyptians as “magick,” and they personified this concept in a god of the same name who is often shown holding a snake in either hand. This is curiously similar to a common image of a Hecate or she is shown holding two serpents.

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