Intent: Keep Your Eye on the Target

June 2017 Domagick Day 23

Intent makes up 90% of my magick. I generally get what I want. If my resolve wavers… well, I won’t hit my target if I don’t want to hit it.

One thing I noticed during my week with Botis was how hungry all of the salesmen I met were. They were there to help me whenever I had a question, but they were also two steps behind me the rest of the time too; I felt like I had a stalker whenever I was in an electronics store. It became clear that they were more interested in helping themselves to my pocketbook than actually giving me assistance, and by the end of the week I’d been turned off of school shopping completely.

I knew this week would potentially hold more of the same and I didn’t look forward to it. As with Botis, I asked Amon to find allies for me wherever I went—but also that our interactions be drama-free. In other words, I sent energy out into the universe asking that this week go smoothly. I might not have phrased it that way, but subconsciously I asked for it. I was tired and I wanted a break from jumping through school hoops. That’s exactly what I got.

I’ve spent most of this week looking after a sick spouse and meditating on Amon’s disk. When I did leave the house, my errands were accomplished with so little fanfare that the days passed without me hardly noticing. Truthfully, it was boring as hell.

So, to answer the question I was asked, I did ask Botis and Amon to do the exact same thing, but with one caveat. This week, that made all the difference. I wasn’t at the top of my game, I didn’t refine my intent, and so my magick suffered.

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