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Inner Child Spread for Lenormand and Tarot

On Day 21 of Month of Spreads, we were asked to have a conversation with our inner child. Knowing that could cause me to fall down the card reading rabbit hole for hours, I came up with a more concise spread for Lenormand. It is another simple five card draw based on looking at two levels of the situation.

To read the Inner Child Spread, shuffle until you are satisfied and then flip it over to find the Child in your Lenormand deck. (If you are using the Tarot, you may wish to choose a different card to signify your inner child from one of the major arcana or court cards. One possibility is the Fool.)

Once you find the Child card or your signifier, the card on the left is what your inner child wants you to know.

The card to the right of the child represents what your inner child needs.

The top and bottom card of the deck indicate how your inner child consciously and subconsciously manifest in your life respectively.

For example, these are the cards I pulled:

What My Inner Child Needs Me to Know – The Anchor – Nine of Swords – This card shows stability or security in Lenormand, but in Tarot I commonly call it the “nightmare” card. It can refer to intense anxiety or severe fear.  To me, this indicates an inner child who is insecure.

What My Inner Child Needs – The Clouds – Knight of Wands – in the Lenormand, this is the card of confusion or uncertainty. The Knight of wands, however, is it the younger force of male fire, with his energy not as well directed at the King. This implies action, but action that can be impulsive. It sounds like my inner child wants me to do something, but isn’t sure what.

How My Inner Child Manifests Consciously in My Life – The Tree – Seven of Cups – This card can have a twofold meeting in Lenormand, pointing both to physical health and an enduring legacy. That this card falls in the conscious area of my life would suggest to me that my inner child manifests in my physical body. The seven of Cups says that could arise in the form of temptations, even spiritual hungers that I try to fulfill by stuffing my face, or an emotional void I fill with “fiscal therapy.”

How My Inner Child Manifests Subconsciously in My Life – The Sun – Ace of Pentacles – This is an interesting card to turn over here, since the Sun is the card of the outer self in Lenormand. It typically represents your charisma and the face you show to the world. If I couple this with the Ace of Pentacles, then underlines that my inner child tends to show up in physical symptoms. It might even say that my inner child has great control over my outer demeanor.

If I read these two triplets as a sentence:

Anchor + Child + Clouds = The unchanging/secure child doubts, i.e. my inner child is insecure.

Tree + Child + Sun =   The healthy child succeeds, i.e tending to the health of my inner child can help my success now, for I am the manifestation of that child in the present. And, truthfully, I think we all know this… Otherwise, why would we be doing these kind of readings?

Summary: I must watch the holes from my past that I am attempting to fill inappropriately in the present. Those can only be adequately fixed by addressing the needs of the child at the point when the loss actually occurred despite the fact that its needs manifest in the present. To do such work is the providence of the energetic healer, shamanic practitioner, and counselor( depending on the inclination of the individual, with these all acting as complementary modalities). I’ve already done a huge deal of work on this, but I don’t think anyone is ever completely finished. Moreover, psychic hygiene is an ongoing process. A tune-up never hurts.

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