Pink Poppies

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 7

Spotting a new plant in my front yard hinted I’m on the right track with the land spirits. I was feeling off today, unsure if I was on the correct footing with my work with them. However, when I returned from picking up some new supplies for the house, I spied a bright pink poppy growing along our front walk. We haven’t planted any of these flowers and neither had the previous owners. From what I can see, nearby neighbors haven’t grown any, either, so the seed must have blown from some way before it sprouted up. I simply didn’t recognize the flower before it bloomed. Still, there it was, waiting when I got home: the unofficial symbol of our family. It gave me quite the grin, especially when I noticed the plant was ready to send out two other flowers, three in total for the three of us. It definitely encouraged me in my work for the afternoon. So, after offerings, back to the yard work and practical efforts around the house!

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