Nameless Spirits

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 6

This morning’s spiritwork started with offering coffee, tobacco, and incense to the house. The sun finally made an appearance as I told the wight about my plans for the day. From there, I passed into a light meditation, asking it how I could better tune into the land and its spirits this week. What I heard it seems repetitive at this point, but reassuring. I just need to make time and take the effort. However, when I try to reach out for names and faces, it seems like I’m forcing the issue. I feel as if trying to anthropomorphize something that doesn’t need it or doesn’t want that. Perhaps I’m the one who needs such a box for reference sake alone.

This Sunday afternoon will be spent working round the house and taking care of errands. Despite yesterday’s labors, we still have trim back the yard before winter, besides a few other things. So, from spiritwork I move to physical work again.

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