Giving Thanks

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 30

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I approached the house and land sprites a month ago. The inspectors had discovered problems with the roof which required repairs almost immediately after we moved into the home. I understood the expense and how it increased the value of our home going forward; even so, I certainly hadn’t dreamed of putting out that kind of money so soon. At least, not on that! I’d hoped to splurge on new furniture — maybe even on some new electronics. I resented my plans going awry, and I worried the spirits would pick up on that resentment.

From the beginning, the house and land sprites seemed more interested in the repairs than my attitude about them. Due to the previous owners, both had suffered from a period of neglect, and they only cared about being looked after again. Some areas felt more abandoned than others, to the point that a few plants had nearly grown wild again. As I trimmed and pruned them, I struggled with the fine balance between owner and steward of the land. Having lived in apartments all my life, the concept of land ownership sat strangely with me. Regardless of whether I fenced a piece of property, it was hard to think of it as belonging to me.

Today, I offered incense, tobacco, and clean water to the spirits. I sat with them and gave up my gratitude for them changing my perceptions over the last thirty days. My resentment has faded as I’ve gotten to know them. Now I feel that my money was spent on a family member rather than stolen by someone I barely know. This is my family’s parcel of land to look after, and we will do our best in the years to come.

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