Kitchen Energy

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 29

I split the difference today between spiritual and practical work with the house sprites. First, I journeyed to meet them and took a look at our property in the Middleworld. The house repeatedly led me to a storage area in the kitchen where the energy seemed to flow more poorly than rest of the home. This makes sense, as I’ve noticed that cooking smells linger there long after meals are finished.

After the journey, I started the day’s cleaning in the spot I’d been taken to by the sprites, making sure to declutter as best I could for now. However, it will likely take a more permanent rearranging to solve this problem, including the purchase of a stand-alone cabinet to shelter supplies. This requires more time and resources and I have this afternoon, so I must plan that for the near future, when more family members can help.

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