Cold Snap

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 26

Laboring outside this morning felt like a greater offering than yesterday’s yard work. The temperature has dropped significantly since then, and even with gloves on, my fingers froze. Luckily, my family assisted me in this morning’s efforts, so we made quick work of what raking remained to be done. Today, I didn’t want to linger and listen to the birds — not that there were any to hear! The wind chased them off to warmer climes. It was no day for talking to the trees, either, just interacting with the sprites on the mundane level.

I plan to honor the house spirit later today with the regular offerings if incense and tobacco, as well as celebration. It’s game night, so the house will be full of laughter. My family will raise our energy together, the perfect ending of the week.

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