Untended Land Spirits

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 2

For the second day of working with our house / land spirits, I offered up tobacco and shared the coffee I was drinking. I also continued with the incense offering and unscripted dialogue, discussing the difficulties we’ve had in finding a certain type of repair service. From there, I moved into a meditation / journey where I concentrated on the borders of our property. Its energy felt scattered, as if it has been undirected for some time. I sensed the land is impatient to be tended, especially in some areas. It was looked after once and longs to be so again.

Our beautiful monster of a rose bush is one such candidate, with arms that reach out in every direction. It’s hardy enough to have spawned a sibling in the neighbor’s yard that is growing wild behind their shed, well over 6 feet high. They don’t seem to care, and I can’t do anything for that particular plant, not that the giant rose bush seems to need much of my help. Our own wild-limbed beauty needs to be looked at before it takes over the whole yard, lovely as the rose bush is. With any luck, some of its rose hips will go into teas this year, and I will get to know the plant on another level, and understand our land yet deeper as well.

When I felt prompted to ask the land spirits about elemental associations they might have (besides the obvious), they indicated a connection to air. It seems I was on the right track with the incense offerings! However, I had thought fire would come up since we have a fire pit in the backyard, but again the neglect shown by the previous owners caused an issue there. The bricks are in need of repair, so rather than the powerspot it could be, it is one needing attention, both physically and spiritually. Again, they impressed their impatience to be looked after. I have a lot of work to do!

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