Cause and Effect

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 17

There was a second lesson in yesterday’s footprints in the frost. The trees pointed it out this morning, and then today’s reading underlined it.

“The worker of witchery knows that the toucher is touched. This is an old saying in witchery warning that all that we touch touches us back… Needless to say, this wisdom far from lacks moral muscle. In fact, it provides the witch with the lens through which to discern all actions and reactions within the very weapons life that is the witch’s Goddess. And the spirits and magic we conjure also conjure us.” — The Flame in the Cauldron, Orion Foxwood.

Though slower to speak than some I have dealt with in the past, the land spirits in my yard have undeniably left their mark on me already. Even when I meditated with them today, my energy instantly began to slow: to go to ground and relax. Whether due to the season or their innate nature, I can call on this tendency in the future when I need to calm down. I wouldn’t want to draw on it for high intensity, big energy rituals unless I want to anchor myself, but it is still good to know how the spirits effect me. I can use this to plan out my work around them more efficiently going forward, in harmony.

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