Footprints in Frost

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 16

Frost covered the ground this morning. Everywhere I went in my backyard, I left tracks behind; they stood out startlingly clear against the grass as I looked back at my path. I could see every stop I’d made, every place I’d been.

This weighed on my mind as I entered meditation. Everywhere I go, I leave a trace behind, visible or not. Yet as supposed “owner” of the land, I often leave more than footprints in my wake. Regardless of whether I do so respectfully or not, I make changes to suit my family’s longevity — and that leaves marks. Again, I suppose it will come down to balance. We’ll have to achieve the best compromises we can. That’s the only way to live in harmony with the sprites around us.

The land felt… slower today, the plants a little harder to reach. Winter creeps closer, turning down the pace.

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