Take Notice!

Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 15

Odd noises. The sudden scent of perfume when no one in the house wears it.

After not wanting to talk yesterday, the spirits demanded attention this morning. Yet it wasn’t the house speaking so loudly, but the land — and reasonably so. Since the weather turned, I’ve spent more time working indoors with the house sprite than I have with them. Balance is important to maintain. I have to look after the property and its spirits as a whole, without neglecting any portion.

So, despite the snowy drizzle, I took my offerings outside today. Instead of meditating, I walked the boundaries of my backyard, touching and talking to the plants along the way. The fall season ended sooner than we hoped, so much of the pruning and weeding my family intended to do still needs to be done. I cataloged what absolutely must be taken care of to protect the plants before the worst of the snows arrive. The tension in the land’s energy seemed to back off, but I sensed I must be more careful with my focus in the coming weeks. I can’t ignore it.

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