Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 12

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend. The exact day varies depending on your family, with some ending up with multiple turkey extravaganzas from Saturday till Monday. That’s a lot of bird! My family avoids the poultry and steers towards vegetarian recipes instead. That doesn’t mean this holiday isn’t about us spending time together and giving thanks for what we have. After years of wishing, we’re very grateful to have our own home.

I’m taking the house sprite’s advice to balance work with pleasure today, and will keep my efforts around the property to some light cleaning. The main plan is to enjoy an afternoon of spooky movies with the clan. When I touched base with the house spirit this morning, its energy seemed a tad more chaotic than it does during the weekdays. I’ve noticed this trend whenever more people are in the house. It doesn’t seem upset, simply stirred up (excited?) by the presence of more people.

I tried to ask the house sprite how it it preferred that we show it our appreciation, but the response I received was not what I expected. I wanted a concrete answer: what incense to use, or whether I should go out an find certain adornments… That kind of thing. What I received was a wave of affection – and the feeling that we should share such we each other and the house. No more than that. It makes sense, but it was far more simple than I’d predicted.

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