Oct 2019 #Spiritwork #Domagick Day 11

My congestion cleared — and, with it, my ability to communicate with the house sprite. Today, I concentrated on our home as opposed to the land around it, and asked the house sprite how it felt about the new residents.

The house appreciates our eye for progress. It likes that we want to maintain what works but also make changes that will update and even improve how it functions. However, it pointed out that it enjoys ours offerings too. I shouldn’t view these as extras or indulgences on top of our regular hard work. Those moments act as vital points of connection and should not be ignored as I move forward. Both must be kept up in equal measure for a content house spirit.

Moreover, the sprite cautioned I shouldn’t given into my anxiety and work all the time. I should make an effort to enjoy what the house is for instead: fun and family. These aren’t extras but necessities. Again, it’s a balance I must be mindful of going forward.

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