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Hearing the Horse

By the time I finished my work today, I felt wrung out. Instead of talking to Amducius, I decided I simply wanted to sit in his presence for a while. If I did hear anything, I would take that as a bonus, but it wasn’t the point. I just wanted to relax with him.

I did hear something, however—a strange distortion in the nature MP3 that I’d chosen to put on. I almost always meditate on Amducius in complete silence, but for some reason today I left the MP3 going. I’ve listened to it many, many times, but I’ve never heard what I thought I did today: the sound of an animal walking through the rain and eating the leaves. My first thought was that it was a horse or a deer. Now that I think about how Amducius is supposed to appear in the Dictionnaire Infernal, that makes me laugh a little!

I’m glad we didn’t have an actual rain here today. It was nearly warm enough for that, with old man winter giving us a brief reprieve.

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