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Happy Halloween!

Halloween entered my city with a howl this morning. Gusts of wind tore the last of the leaves from the trees, scattering them across the ground. Rain followed soon after, then snow. Now the world is dressed in white, ready for tonight’s festivities. It only seems appropriate. As children go from door to door seeking candy, witches will light candles and reach out to the powers of old. For many of them, this is the beginning of their new year. To others, this night when the veil thins is a time to pay homage to those that have passed before us. It’s a little of both for me. I’ve already given myself a card reading to see what the year ahead will be like, and I’ll be celebrating the Rite to Eurynomous later in the evening. Whatever your plans may be, I hope you have a wonderful night and great upcoming year.

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