Four of Cups

Domagick Day 29

My time with Camio is swiftly coming to an end. I planned to keep seeking outside advice concerning some of the doubts I am having about school, but was cut off at the pass today. The person that I hoped to speak

to is unavailable until the end of July. I can’t get in touch with her until the very day my papers are due. Whatever decision I make, I will have to make it alone.

Thanks, Camio. I asked for insight, which you are providing. As always, however, the Daemonic Divine refuses to lead me by the hand. That leads into my ultimate goal of being a strong and independent person, but it also frustrates the shit out of me when I secretly long to be looked after and told what to do. Damn it!

I charged his key tag today with another walk, then prayed and asked for guidance.

Today’s card: Four of Cups – Revaluation of the situation, deep contemplation, fixation. I would never of guessed. Perhaps I need to do something take my mind off things.

Today I also went to the art store for Vapula and tested different brands of the pastels I’m using. There’s a cheaper brand I want to try, and from my testing it seems like they might save me a bundle.

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