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February: the Month of Love #domagick

It’s not yet February 1st and all the department stores around here are already stocked up for Valentine’s Day. Bright pink and red hearts full of chocolate crowd the aisles, and a rainbow menagerie of stuffed animal fights to be taken home. Oh yeah! Romance is in the air!

But you know the old saying: you got to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Whether or not that adage is true, our hang-ups often keep us from loving is fully and completely as we’d like. Everyone has parts of themselves they could like better—often the parts we are afraid for our lovers to see naked! I know I’m not 100% keen on myself, that’s for sure, and surgery has left me feeling even more offkilter than usual in my body. While it still works, I feel like it starts up slowly each morning, like a car in the winter. I know time will fix this, but I also think I could help it along.

sigil asafeotida demon demoness demonolatry domagick
Sigil for the demoness Asafoetida.

In her book Daemonic Love Magic, S Connolly includes a month-long, self-love ritual involving the daemon Asafoetida. While I won’t detail the ritual here, I will say it is aimed at changing your thought process about yourself. Asafoetida is the daemoness of feminine attributes. Besides her enn and sigil, little else is known about her. I suspect that her name comes from the extremely fragrant spice of the same name, which literally means smelly or fetid resin. In some parts of the world, the substance is named directly after the devil, as in France (“merde du diable”) and Germany (“teufelsdreck”). Despite this, it has an onion like flavor reminiscent of leeks, a root vegetable frequently used in protection and procreative magick.

Working with her sounds like an ideal plan for February, the month of love, especially with the super blood moon coming up on January 31. Better yet, the next Domagick challenge will provide a daily way of reinforcing those mental changes. It asks that we undertake a form of traditional meditation for one month.

Mindfulness meditation typically focuses on our breath, but need not be limited to that. In February, I will start my daily practice with a Loving Kindness Meditation where I direct warmth and compassion towards myself and others. I will follow this up with a scan of my body on the physical and astral level. At first, I will not attempt to affect anything I see, simply sit with it. I will finally run Reiki energy through my body to deal with any blockages or discomfort I discover. In the unlikely even I do not discover any blockages, I will work on open each of my respective chakra points over the course of the month.

I believe all not only know myself better by the end of the month, but hopefully will feel a greater degree of acceptance towards all parts of myself as well. In particular, the Loving Kindness meditation is a much different way of handling parts of myself I’m uncomfortable with than usual, so we will see how it works.

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