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Domagick Day 13

The pattern of my Domagick Enchantment project is probably becoming apparent now. To draw useful qualities and resources into my life before I go back to school in September, I’ll work with a different spirit each week across June and July. I’ll invoke the spirit and run their energy through a disk I’ll wear on my keychain over that period whenever I am out.

So far this week, I have invoked and charged a disk for Botis. I’ve asked him to help me find allies wherever I go, an ability which I believe will make group work of all types much easier when I am in school. I’ve put my magick into practical application by asking sales people for assistance when researching computers and camera for school.

Today my magickal work was much more laid back. On my way out of the house, I said a mental prayer to Botis as I locked the door, again asking the he aid me in finding allies. My trip to the library, however, turned out to be pleasant but uneventful. I simply charged his disk during the walk itself.

I started a marker piece late last night for the work I am doing with Vapula, and put some finishing touches on it this morning. I also started playing with a couple of photographs which I hope to finish digitally manipulating over the next week or so as time allows. Every day, some art!

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