Unforeseen Circumstances #Domagick


I suffer from lymphedema. I have a mild case, according to the nurse, although it feels like a major pain in the ass to me. Overnight, however, it turned into agony in my ankle. My right wrap had slipped and created a tourniquet, trying to strangle my foot. I ended up having to cut the bandages off and go into the clinic to be re-wrapped this morning. The nurse said that I have to stay off my feet for two days or I could miss the benchmarks necessary for the next part of my treatment.

I’ll be unable to document my Domagick Challenge work as usual for the next 48 hours because of this, although I will continue working with Oso and the Five Warrior Syllables during this time. I’ll have to play catch-up on the entries afterward. I apologize for the inconvenience, but hammering away at a keyboard is out for me right now.

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