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Respect your elders!

Look at this daily reading! The Lily again? It has shown up for me as often as the Snake now. The Lily isn’t always a bad card like the Snake, though. It’s an ambigious card that can fall either way—possibly because it can also refer to the querent’s grandfather. Mine are long since passed away, so I’m beginning to think it simply points to the oldest person in my household, the person with whom I have spent the majority of the week. Sorry, granddad. You’re simply my elder.

The Bouquet – appreciation, abundance, beautiful, pleasant, gift, award, grace

The Ways / Crossroads – choices, decisions, options, fair-mindedness, free will

The Lily – maturity, old, wise, peace, wisdom, passion, intention, grandfather elder

It looks like some sort of decisive pleasantry is headed his way. Well, we did decide this was a vacation day for us…

In that vein, with the Nine was uneventful. I felt like I have been going through the motions quite a few mornings this last week, with my contact with sporadic and brief. I’m looking forward to having the house to myself again on Monday.

Really, I think most magicians work best on their own. That may sound strange from someone studying to be a priest, but in my opinion attending church should make up the majority of your practice. It should thrive outside church doors too and continue independently of any rituals you might participate in as a group. The dark nights of the soul we learn from best are almost always suffered alone. Perhaps that’s why so many people prefer to read about magic rather than actually attempt it. This kind often posts endlessly on forums asking for magickal advice, but rarely even pray. Daily practice isn’t for connecting with others—although when we’re lucky it can lead to that. It’s about the work, plain and simple, and the changes it produces in you.

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