This is the #easylenormand set, which has a great book but lackluster cards. #lenormand

Easy Lenormand Set Review

Domagick Sept 11 2017

Since I reviewed The Scrying Ink Lenormand app yesterday, it only makes sense that I review the deck that I have been using to talk to the Nine all this time. It’s also the one that I have been using for the majority of my Lenormand studies so far. I purchased it in July.

You would think after owning it this long that I would have a definitive opinion, butI’m still not sure how I feel about the Easy Lenormand set. Its handbook beats out all others. Running at 150 pages, it is essentially a scaled down version of Katz and Goodwin’s Learning Lenormand, my favorite book on the subject so far.  Their clear instructions will have you doing simple readings in no time. I’m glad I bought this set for that reason alone.

Yet the deck itself lacks pizzazz. That’s not the fault of any modern artist, however. They were tasked only with cleaning up the images of a rediscovered traditional deck. Admittedly, the clarity of the images is fantastic. The cards seem durable enough too. I even dropped on in water accidentally, and it worked perfectly well afterward, without even a ripple.  Still, after years of handling amazingly colorful Tarot decks, the Easy Lenormand looks drab and washed out to me. None of the cards are titled, which means having to occasionally remember by number what a boring picture means. No card truly distinguishes itself or sticks out. Surely there has to be a happy medium between overly ornate themed decks and decks that are so boring that they are completely forgettable?

So how do I rate a set where the book is amazing but the cards merely serviceable? I guess I’ll split the difference and give Easy Lenormand 2 and ½ stars out of five.

Today’s reading with the deck was:

The Clouds – transition, change, confusion and trouble, unclear, lack of foresight, doubt, shielding, hiding, emotional weather

The Lily – maturity, old, wise, peace, wisdom, passion, intention, grandfather

The Dog – loyalty, close friends and companions, codependence

“Confusion / lack of foresight caused by and older companion.” I completed my prayer and offering in my new office today. My partner walked in and started talking to me during it twice, so obviously I am still working some kinks out—like the need for an I AM WORKING sign. Every new arrangement requires adjustment. In fact, I think Nine were talking to me about this very thing today.

The reading I did over the weekend where I predicted my family would end up talking to the neighbors about the fact we’ve moved played out exactly as I thought. Strangely enough, the Tree card featured in it, and some time was spent discussing the trees that we all share and the shade they provide our apartments! Occasionally the Lenormand has been oddly specific in that sort of way, and I almost wonder if this deck has a cheeky sense of humor.



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