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Dreams – Help Interpret Them with the Dreamspeak Spread

I’ve engaged in dream-work and interpreted dreams for others for over two decades now. After this many years, I tend to rely on instinct experience more than anything else. Still, a friend asked me yesterday what tool I turn to you whenever I feel off balance. Whenever I am unsure or off-kilter, the first thing I do is practice an elemental balancing ritual. If that doesn’t do the trick, I take out a trusty oracle deck to uncover what the matter is. This spread, Dreamspeak, is one of my favorites when something from the night before lingers on my mind.

After shuffling your deck until you feel comfortable, deal 6 cards. They are:

1. The triggering event
2. The dream itself
3. The possible future
4. To what part of my life does the dream refer?
5. What can I learn from this dream
6. How can I act on this dream?

I normally set these out in two rows of three.

This morning, I woke up with a word I couldn’t quite remember on my lips. This bothered me all day, so these were the cards I drew. I used Lenormand here, but you could definitely use Tarot or even runes with the Dreamspeak spread.

Triggering event – the Clover – Six of Pentacles – short-term luck, but can also mean concentration on one specific stroke of good luck while ignoring others. Meeting old friends, dwelling on past glories.

The dream itself – the Dog – 10 of Cups – friendship, loyalty, companionship, as well as the fulfillment of emotional happiness, off of familial goals

Possible future – the Ring – Ace of Wands – contract, commitment,  agreement , but also this is raw fire, the unbridled drive that pushes us forward, creation in its untapped State, the potential of being

To what part of my life does the dream refer? The coffin – 9 of Pentacles – end, Ffinish, finality, but coming to self-sufficiency and satisfaction

What can I learn from this dream? The book- 10 of Pentacles – knowledge, learning, wisdom, but also coming into my own, an inheritance and having enough

How can I act on this dream? The house – King of Cups – home, family Life, familial connections, put my emphasis into creative work and Communications, put my heart into it

The triplets for this reading:

Clover + Dog + Ring = A lucky friend commits.

Coffin + Book + House = Possibly a final editor found or dwells, since the Book can also refer two writers and editors.

When I look at these as a series of couplets, we get:

Clover + coffin = a lucky end

Dog + book = friendly knowledge

Ring + house = committed family

Summary: I wasn’t sure what this dream was about when I started my analysis today. I seemed to have significance but could have been random mind clutter. Apparently, a friend—or my internalized embodiment of them—wanted to comment on my latest book edit. Once I figure out what friend that was, I can ask for their opinion in the waking world. Both the Dog and the House cards turning up in the Dreamspeak spread indicate that they are close to me.

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