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Domagick Sept 09 2017

Phew! I made it!  I feel like I rushed through my prayers and offering today, but I had to do so before workmen arrived. I will spend more time with the Nine later. This morning was all about making sure my house was in order. Sometimes the mundane wins out over the mystical, but  I get to set up my altar all over again when they are done. That is a different sort of beginner’s mind, and I am eager to decorate for the Daemonic Divine all over again. For now…

The Birds – mass communications, gossip, rumor, discussions, talk, conversation

The Rider – communications, news, announcements, updates, messages, nearby travel, visits or visitors, liaisons, go-betweens

The Tree – ancestry, roots, longevity, long-lasting, long-term health, well-being, the body, environment

“Discussion with nearby neighbors about putting in roots.” I truly like my neighbors, so I think today will go splendidly.


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