Domagick Sept 08 2017

I’m glad that I am getting back to basics this month. I couldn’t deal with any extensive ritual right now, not with my family’s freakishly hectic schedule. Even that is stopping me from falling into any real routine with the Nine. My internet will also be iffy over the next few days, so this weekend’s entries will also be incredibly short and to the point. I will update at length when I have decent lines again, most likely Monday.

Today’s reading:

The Fish – resources, money, business, wealth, freedom, fluidity, exchange, income, luxury, “a good catch”

The Birds – mass communications, gossip, rumor, discussions, talk, conversation

The Cross – burden, worry, sadness, struggles, tests, suffering, crisis, need for faith, spirituality, religion

Interpretation? “Money discussions make me worry.” Of course they will! I will be spending a huge a amount of money the next day on my house! It would be down right weird if I didn’t worry.

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