Domagick Meditativeacts Days 8 – 10

I’ve rarely missed days blogging in any of the Domagick challenges I have participated in before, even when I have been under the weather. This time I decided to give my body a break and concentrate of trying to feel better. To be honest, I didn’t have much choice. It felt as if jackhammers were going off inside my skull at one point. I meditated for a short period each day, but sinus pressure often made it difficult to concentrate. Here are the highlights:

Day 8: Amducius underlined that he is part of the Asmodai, but I haven’t been honoring him as such lately as much as I used to do. I saw how I need to rearrange me altar and devotions.

Day 9: Whapped about the head in regards to my priorities.

Day 10: Realizing that the whap about the head is a good thing, and completely needed.

So it was a productive three days away, if very stuffed up. Achoo! Today I am grateful for cold medicine!


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