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#Domagick #Divination Challenge Days 1 – 14

The Domagick Divination challenge is half over, and so is April. For the last two weeks, my daily method has been determined by a roll of the dice. Adding chance to the mix has freshened up my routine a little, at the very least. It’s also helped me determine that, while I may prefer certain divination systems and styles over others, I can read just about anything with which I’m presented. Some systems, like Ogham, were a bit like riding a bike. After a few moments of awkwardness, it felt natural again.

This week, I’ve practiced with:

Daemonic Sigils – Verrine
Animal Druid Oracle – Raven
Animal Druid Oracle – Cat
Lenormand – Gentleman + Garden
Ogham – Yew
Tarot – Eight of Pentacles
Daemonic Sigils – Belphegor
Runes – Laguz
Tarot – Queen of Cups
Daemonic Sigils – Satan
Lenormand – Ring + Book
Ogham – Hawthorn
Tarot – Page of Cups
Tarot – Queen of Swords Reversed

Watching others work through this challenge has only reinforced my love of divination decks. I want so many now! It has also encouraged me to keep working on my own, even if it will only ever be for me. I have completed the cards now for Rosier and Belphegore, though I have not taken pictures of them yet. Lucifuge is also finished – I think. I have to let his canvas sit for a bit to be sure. At this rate, I may actually have the whole set finished by the end of the challenge after all.

Wish me luck!

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