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Talking Death with Amducius

amducius demons daemon demonolatry domagick meditativeacts sigil
This is an alternate sigil for the demon Amducius. I first encountered him through the hierarchy Dukanté set out in his grimoires. Amducius’ enn is Denyen valocur avage secore Amducius.

Domagick Meditative Acts Day 02

It was easier to relax into my conversation with Amducius today. Now that my partner is home from the hospital, my attention is less scattered than it was before. Still, I find myself dwelling on my own mortality. This is perhaps natural for someone studying (at least in part) to be a Sem or Death priest. I have to figure out what I believe about the afterlife and my place in it. No one has the final answer until they pass, of course, but it is still something deserving of contemplation. He didn’t give me any answers, but I listened.

Today I find myself grateful for the technology that allows me to connect with other Daemonolaters all over the world. Sometimes Facebook messenger can be flakey as all get out, but it allowed me to keep in touch with my buddies while friends were in the hospital and give them updates all along the way. And without long distance charges too!

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