I had appointments and ran errands today, so I’m taking it somewhat easy on the #domagic front. I meditated on Crocell and pulled a Tarot card asking him what the result would be if I worked a specific ritual this afternoon. After talking the rite over with someone this morning, I’d begun to have misgivings and thought it prudent to consult the Daemonic Divine first. It seems that my instincts were on point. Had I gone forward with the ritual, it might have resulted in the opposite of what I want and made matters worse.

To focus my efforts in a different direction, I wrote a couple of pages to Crocell. This helped me understand where I am coming from a little better, as well as what I want, both of which are greatly important before enacting any magic.

I’m not sure if I will go out of the Domagick Challenge with a bang or if I will simply continue my day-in, day-out activities as per usual. The Goetia Immersion program has kept me busy for a year and half now, and I already work with three to four daemons per month. This month was little different, other than the fact I chose an overall “theme” to match the challenge. It’s the blogging that has eaten up my hours.

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