Domagick Day 25

In response to one of my recent entries on Tumblr, Andrieh-Vitimus asked, “HI William, I would love to see your key ring ( how are you getting them attached, are you using metal disks with a drilled hole, something else?) thats a great idea.. btw.. the key ring.”

I wasn’t sure my readers would know what I meant if I called the disks key tags. Each one is made from a circle of cardstock that has been reinforced with a metal edge. They’re not pretty but are surprisingly durable. After three weeks of being in my pocket all day, they haven’t ripped.

I draw the sigils on the key tags with fine-tip permanent marker. In the photo, it’s obvious how much even this ink fades and feathers after three weeks of handling. That’s okay! I like how personalized they’ve become because of it. The key tags will serve as offerings when they finally give out. I bought the key tags in a lot of 100 for around five dollars, so I can afford to enchant another!

Each tag also comes with a handy little ring, making it each to attach. These are my second attempt, however. The first time around, I used wooden disks purchased in the wedding section of a craft store. Permanent markers worked just as well on them, and the hole that had been conveniently drilled in top of each one could be used to slide them onto my key ring. Unfortunately, the disks themselves were too thick for me to use more than one of them at a time. Since that was my plan this month, I switched to the key tags. You can see my original version in the photo below.

A #magical #charm for the #demon #vapula.
A charm for the demon vapula.

Thank you for the question, Andrieh.

June Domagick Day 25

I would normally dedicate the weekend to Ipos and relaxation but it is also the last Sunday of the month. That means I’m supposed to be in religious classes via Skype for the majority of the day. Of course, Skype dumped my credentials sometime prior to my log on this morning, and I couldn’t find them anywhere I looked. By the time I’d made a new account, I’d missed the first class of the day. The ritual had already started. I’m thankful my teacher makes recordings.

With that work ahead, it made more sense to me that I dedicate today to Vapula and plan to take an afternoon “off” midweek instead. Two hours in seminary seemed like enough for today. I don’t mind including research in my daily “practice hours” as long as I don’t get into a funk and start doing nothing but reading or journaling. Days upon days spent gazing at your navel won’t translate into actually doing magick.

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